Loover – Kilews Invitation: MOTEK 2016 Hall 3, Booth#3184 in Stuttgart, Germany Oct.10-13 , 2016

Dear Partner,

It is our honor to invite you to visit the 35nd MOTEK Show –
International Trade Fair for Assembly, Handling Technology and Automation in Stuttgart Germany.
During 10-13 OCTOBER 2016.
Please link to official website for more exhibition info: http://www.motek-messe.de/en/motek/

This year, we will display Kilews products in Hall 3 at Booth# 3184 as attachment,
And the booth was booked by name of LOOVER Industrial Co., Ltd.
Latest new developed products as below will be displayed:
1) Power Torque Screwdriver series
2) Cordless Battery Screwdriver series
3) Smart Tools: KL-CTDS – Torque Display System

This year, we also applied X PCS of Motek Guest Voucher for you in advance,
And we will send you by e-mail around the middle of September.
Owing to each guest voucher is for one person, and the valid period is one day only, there are many customers will come to our booth,
Please give your visiting date, available time, and discussing subject for arranging the meeting without any problem by End of Aug.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Motek Show.

Best Wishes

Loover & Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd

Kilews 2016 New Products
Torque Display System Built-in Counter / AC Brushless Screwdriver

▪ Smart production: Programmable sequence operation and I/O features for automation line.
▪ Error-proofing: Real-time torque value, screw counter.
▪ Data Storage via Wi-Fi for production management.
▪ Match Industry 4.0
Built-in Counter Screwdriver
▪ SKD-BE200 series, the smallest built-in counter screwdriver in the market.
▪ Production management by I/O function and PLC connecting.
▪ Slow-start Fuction.
AC Brushless Screwdriver
▪ SK-B5/B6 series.SKD-B5, the smallest AC brushless screwdriver in the market.
Power Torque Screwdriver Screw Feeder

▪ Brushless motor w/ Clutch type (±5% Torque repeatable accuracy)
▪ Production management by I/O function and PLC connecting.
▪ Torque range: 2~50Nm
▪ Suitable for white goods, motor and machinery industries.
▪ Brushless motor
▪ Counter function
▪ Circular loop feeding
▪ Apply for special screw
▪ Automation use