Notice A: Enhance Service Process Of Online Video Troubleshooting Requierment – 20161130

Dear Partners,

Please be noted that Kilews formulated a new regulation recently that regarding to enhance the services process in order to increase the efficiency of troubleshooting process to the product that behavior abnormal or failure,
1. Troubleshooting form fill out with completed information (As attached l161130) 2. The photos of Practical application 3. The video clips of real fastening must be provided, these information not only helps us to judge the cause of issue more accurate and faster but also protect both distribution and manufacture from assume if customer applied our tools in improper way; In additional, all kilews product which malfunction or need to be repaired before determine this issue product can’t be repaired on site and have to ship it back for farther inspection or replacement must be processed online video troubleshooting with Kilews and loover’s service team, therefore, please make an appointment with Loover’s customer service rep. Aaron Kao first when you have online troubleshooting requirements from now on, please provide what kind of conferencing software you’re prefer to use to do this video conference call(Skype, Line or WhatsApp), and with contact person relative information (Name of contact person, cell phone number and so on).

We believe this transformation will definite benefit for both of us in the long run.
P.S. Your confirmation of the message by return is necessary for us, thanks for your cooperation
Best Regards,

Loover-Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd.