Notice-A: KL-CTDS New Version(V2.0) And Compatibility Notification-20170117

Dear Partners,

In order to increase the convenience of operating on KL-CTDS and SKD-BNK screwdrivers, KILEWS is going to develop new version of KL-CTDS software named V2.0, which major feature change is calibration results will be record in individual screwdriver’s internal memory chip instead of record in KL-CTDS as current version’s configuration, the benefit of this feature change is no more calibration requirement when perform screwdriver exchange, therefore KILEWS considered this improvement is a trend and absolute necessary, the estimates launch time of KL-CTDS version 2.0 as expected approximately in 2-3 months later from now.
Due to the feature of KL-CTDS improve as above description, the SKD-BNK screwdriver is also required for some upgrade to achieve modified feature, therefore the upgraded SKD-BNK screwdriver will be different from the current SKD-BNK screwdriver, please be noted that the SKD-BNK screwdriver version 2.0 or above can’t be compatible with current version of KL-CTDS (V1.7), also the current SKD-BNK version screwdriver can’t be compatible with upcoming version of KL-CTDS (V2.0) due to communication protocols different and calibration record memory location changed.

Thank you for kind attention.

Loover-Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd.

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