Notice-A: Special Torque Requirement for SKD-BN519L/P with SKP-BE32HL

Dear Partner,

Recently, we have several special demands from our customers as below spec.:

Which is asking special torque as 0.5~2.3N.m for SKD-BN519L/P but the RPM still remains as HI:1000/LO:700.
Due to the torque is higher than standard specification of SKD-BN519L/P,
The power controller must be connected to SKP-BE32HL(6P) for more power consumption.

Kilews will not have a new model number for the special specification because of the concern of CE certificate.
If you have the same request from your customer, please remark the torque range on your order.
There will be 10% increase on SKD-BN519L/P screwdrivers when purchased with modified torque.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

Loover&Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd.

Kilews 2016 New Products
Torque Display System Built-in Counter / AC Brushless Screwdriver

▪ Smart production: Programmable sequence operation and I/O features for automation line.
▪ Error-proofing: Real-time torque value, screw counter.
▪ Data Storage via Wi-Fi for production management.
▪ Match Industry 4.0
Built-in Counter Screwdriver
▪ SKD-BE200 series, the smallest built-in counter screwdriver in the market.
▪ Production management by I/O function and PLC connecting.
▪ Slow-start Fuction.
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▪ Brushless motor w/ Clutch type (±5% Torque repeatable accuracy)
▪ Production management by I/O function and PLC connecting.
▪ Torque range: 2~50Nm
▪ Suitable for white goods, motor and machinery industries.
▪ Brushless motor
▪ Counter function
▪ Circular loop feeding
▪ Apply for special screw
▪ Automation use