Notice-B : SKD-BN830L & P-20161206

Dear Partners,

We would like to inform you that SKD-BN830L & P are still available in our production, but Kilews forgot to put them in New Power Torque Catalogue EN2016.08,
From the catalogue you can only see SKD-BN830LF & PF.

-Torque is same as SKD-BN830LF & PF
-The price is same as SKD-BN830LF & PF
-The only difference is r.p.m, for SKD-BN830L & P is 1,000, for SKD-BN830LF & PF is 2,000

Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause to you, and we will add SKD-BN830L & P into next version catalogue.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Loover-Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd.

P.S. Your confirmation of the message by return is necessary for us, thanks for your cooperation