Year 2017 Loover’s Calendar & National Holidays – 20161209

Dear Partners,

Attached please find Loover’s Year 2017 Calendar with our holidays for your reference.
Please see below our National Holidays in Year 2017:

Dec 31st~Jan 2nd

New Year’s Holiday

Jan 27th~Feb 1st

Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday

Feb 25th~Feb 28th

Peace Memorial Day

Apr 1st~Apr 4th

Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday

Apr 29th~May 1st

Labor Day

May 27th~May 30th

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

Oct 4th

Moon Festival Holiday

Oct 7th~Oct 10th

Double Tenth Day Holiday (The birthday of Taiwan)

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Thank you and wishing you have a happy holiday ahead.

Best Regards,

Loover-Kilews Industrial Co, Ltd.