Notice-B: Updated – New Vacuum Head Set KS-2B-N & KS-5B-N (included Suction Nozzle) for SKD-BN200/BN500 (Vacuum Type) Series R120180420
 Notice B: Loover/Kilews National Holidays 4/4~4/8 2018 -2018032020180320
 Notice A : New models SKD-LRBK series (includes new KL-3 mounted as one set)-2018031220180312
 Notice B: Loover/Kilews Chinese New Year Holiday20180108
 Notice B: Kilews Screwdriver Changed 8cm Strain Relief Clip to 3cm-17121820171218
 Notice B : Screwdriver 8cm Cable Connection Direction_2017111320170411
 Loover – Kilews Invitation: MOTEK 2017 Hall 5, Booth#5425 in Stuttgart, Germany Oct.9-12 , 201720170810
 Notice A : New N type Kilews Power Controllers – R1 (Asia)20170522
 Loover-Kilews Invitation – TM Robot Hannover Messe Exhibition on April 24-28 201720170411
 Notice C: Loover/Kilews National Holiday 4/3~4/420170328
 Holiday Notice: Loover/Kilews Peace Memorial Day Holiday20170213
 Notice-A: KL-CTDS New Version(V2.0) And Compatibility Notification-2017011720170117
 Notice-B: KL-1S 90 Degree attachment for Cordless SKC-PTA-BS20/30/4520170110
 Notice-B : New Vacuum Head Set KS-2B-N (included Suction Nozzle) for SKD-BN200 (Vacuum Type) Series -20161215R120161215R1
 Notice-B : How to promote Kilews Screw Feeder Series(KFA-0830/KFA-0820A&H/KFA0850A&H)20161212
 Year 2017 Loover’s Calendar & National Holidays – 2016120920161209
 Notice-B : SKD-BN830L & P-2016120620161206
 Notice A: Enhance Service Process Of Online Video Troubleshooting Requierment – 2016113020161130
 SKD-BN 900 series specification changed notice-20150127 R120150127 R1
 Kilews Clutch Type Torque Display Patent Certification 20161103
 KILEWS Website Announcement20161024
 Notice B: Change the torque range for AC Brushless SK-B5 & SK-B6 Series-2016100620161006
 Notice-A: Price Increase for Torque Meter Series -KTM-15/150/250( CE & Non-CE)-2016100520161005
 Notice A : SKD-RBN350/RBN500 application issue-16092620160926
 Notice-A: SK-9 Series will be discontinued from the first of October – 2016091920160919
 Updated KL-CTDS & KL-WSCBSN 20160919R520160919
 Notice B : Enhance the power to 1200W for SKP-40B-HL-800 / BC40HL-800 v3.0 for using with SKD-RBN300/500L,P tools20160905
 KL-CTDS & KL-WSCBSN 20160826R420160829
 Notice B: The KL-CTDS & KL-WSCBSN material version R3 update20160718
 Notice B : SKD-BN900L series use with Pistol Grip (LG-13 / LG-13S)20160711
 Notice B : Kilews New Low/Medium Screwdriver – SKD-BE210P and SKD-BN210P20160630
 Notice B: KL-AMS – Kilews Assembly management system20160630
 Loover – Kilews Invitation: MOTEK 2016 Hall 3, Booth#3184 in Stuttgart, Germany Oct.10-13 , 201620160629
 Notice-A: Special Torque Requirement for SKD-BN519L/P with SKP-BE32HL20160628
 Notice-A: SNotice A: The warranty for Angle type SKC-PTA-L300/ L60020160621
 Notice-A: SKD-BN700 Series will be discontinued from the first of June20160420
 Notice-B : KP-AUXA-500 (auxiliary arm) for SKD-RBN350 & RBN500 series tools20160318
 Urgent Notice_Power Supply SKP-40B-HL instead of SKP-40B Grade-A20160218
 The suggested timing for Kilews battery Recharge Grade-B20160215
 Important Notice_ CE Certificate for Screw Feeders Grade A 20160121