Important Notice_ CE Certificate for Screw Feeders-20160121 Grade A

Dear Partners,
We would like to inform you about CE certificate for KFR-1050, KFA-0830 and KFA-0820 Screw Feeders.
Kilews had applied CE certificate for the Adapter, but the whole unit of Screw Feeder is only applied for EMC certificate.
If applying MD certificate for whole unit of screw feeder, it will be increased an extra huge amount of cost.
So Kilews decides not to apply MD certificate for whole unit of screw feeder to meet whole  CE standard.
Kindly double check with customs at your side if the screw feeder with EMC certificate only can be accepted.
If they cannot accept it, please don’t promote those products to your customers.
Thank you for your attention in this matter.
Best regards,
Loover-Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd.