Kilews Clutch Type Torque Display Patent Certification

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Please be noticed that Kilews Torque Display Technology with Clutch Type has passed the patent certification application from both patent organization Taiwan and Japan, please refer following and details as attached.
This patent contain Core Technology that able to transform, transmission and display torque value on device which convert from the values of kilews own produced motor’s voltage and current,
making the torque accuracy of ±8% can be achieved.

1.Organization: Taiwan patent certification
Certification Number: M530217
TITLE of the Device: 電動起子工作檢測裝置

2.Organization: Commissioner Japan Patent Office
Certification Number: 3207174
TITLE of the Device: 電動ドライバー作動檢知裝置

3.Organization: Tai E international Patent & Law office
Certification Number: 47926
TITLE of the Device: 電動起子工作檢測裝置(Performance Detection device for electric screwdriver)

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