DC High Precision Torque
Transducerized Screwdriver

  • High precision made in Germany torque transducer
  • Use up to 5 steps per screw tightening
  • Start mode: Lever start / Push start /Lever + push start
  • Save up to 99 Tightening Program
  • LED mode: On / Off / Turn on when start
  • Use up to 50 sequences per job
  • SD card slot for temporary data storage(Support 32GB and below)
  • Save up to 50 jobs
  • Save up to 250 Tightening Step
TCG controller can monitor tightening status, parameter settings and data storage for traceability.

Adopt made in Germany torque transducer allows SKT-CG series screwdriver to control tightening torque and RPM.

Due to SKT-CG diverse functions, it can provide most ideal tightening strategy.

Tightening goals (torque/thread) can be set by controller.
Users may switch between multiple programs to achieve tightening various tasks.
Built-in ethernet module, no need to purchase external ethernet module.
Data can be saved in SD card to avoid data missing due to internet down time.
Model KL-TCG
Input VoltageĀ  AC 100~120V / 220~240V 50-60Hz
I/O Output Voltage DC 24V 50mA /12V 100mA
Count 1~99
Count method Count-up / Count-down
Detection torque value According to the screwdriver specifications
Detection screw thread number 0.0~999.9
External connection input Start / Forward / Reverse / Disable / Confirm
External connection output OK/NG/OK ALL/Reverse
Serial interface RS-232X2 , Micro SD , LAN
Assembly management KL-DAS / KL-AMS
external dimensions 185 x 241.4 x 146.8 (mm)
Weight(Kg) 3.7 Kg
Applicable Models SKT-CG series