Notice B : Screwdriver 8cm Cable Connection Direction_20171113

Dear Partners,

Recently, we found that many of our customers have our screwdriver cables connection with incorrect way.

1. Please noted that the incorrect 8cm-cable connected can caused power cable pin broken more easily.

2. Gradual raise of the current will cause arcing to the power cable pin when connector (Screwdriver side) did not properly connected and tightened.

In order to ensure all your customers have correct cable connection knowledge, here we would like to remind you the correct 8cm-cable connection.

Please refer to the files as attached and educate all your customers the correct cables connection.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation on this matter.

Loover-Kilews Industrial Co., Ltd

P.S. Your confirmation of the message by return is necessary for us, thanks for your cooperation

Correct Cable Connector Instruction.pdf

Screwdriver 8cm Cable Improvement Instruction.pdf