Power Torque series

2017-08-03 Notice A : New N type Kilews Power Controllers (CE) – R1 170803
2017-04-14 Notice-B: Kilews New 90 Degree Cable Adapter KA-1
2017-03-31 Notice B : Torque wrench meter for Power Torque Series application-20170331
2O16-09-26 Notice A _ SKD-RBN350_RBN500 application issue-16092
2016-09-05 Notice B _ Enhance the power to 1200W for SKP-40B-HL-800 _ BC40HL-800 v3.0 for using with SKD-RBN300_500L,P tools-160905
2016-09-01 Identification for 1200W of SKC-40B-HL-800
2O16-07-11 Notice B _ SKD-BN900L series use with Pistol Grip (LG-13 _ LG-13S)-160711
2016-05-13 New products for Power Torque series_L160513
2O16-04-21 Notice-B_ KL-3 90 Degree Attachment -20160421
O160318 Notice-B _ KP-AUXA-500 (auxiliary arm) for SKD-RBN350 & RBN500 series tools 20160318
O160218 Urgent Notice _ Power Supply SKP-40B-HL instead of SKP-40B – 20160218 Grade-A
O150923 Torque Fixing Ring & Pistol Grip for Power Torque Series – L20150923
O150904 Kilews New Developed Model SKD-BN960LF_PF (CE) -20150904
O150803 Notice_ KL-3B_W 90 Degree Attachment and SKD-RBN Series -20150803
150623 SKD-BN960 990 9120 (CE) (Y2F133A-E-001)
Kilews Power Torque Series Application Videos-150623.pdf
 Kilews Power Torque application pics or video clips 150525
O130104_ Kilews Power Torque Series V.S Kolver Pluto Series
Delvo DLV30.45.70
Power Torque Poster_L110826-4
Kilews Power Torque application pics or video clips 150525
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