Notice B: New Version KP-VAR 90 Degree Adapter for SKD-RBK/RBN Series -20200121

Dear Partners,
As we mentioned previously there are old version & new version clutches for SKD-RBN series.(as attached doc.)
(Kindly find below email for your reference)
1. As in Y2015, We had sent you a notice of accessory KC-22A torque fixing can be used only with new version clutch
2. Now Kilews develop new version 90 Degree Adapter for KP-AUXA Auxiliary Arm due to new version of clutch issue for SKD-RBK series.(as attached doc.)
    In order to have better understanding of the accessories for new & old version clutch, below is the chart for your reference.

Accessories with Old Version & New Version Clutch for SKD-RBK/SKD-RBN Series
Model Number Clutch Version Torque Fixing Ring 90 Degree adapter for KP-AUXA  Auxiliary Arm
SKD-RBN New Version KC-22A KP-VAR(new version)
Old Version x WKP-VAR & KP-VAR(new version)
SKD-RBK New Version KC-22A KP-VAR(new version)

3. The model no. of old version KP-VAR 90 degree adapter is changed to WKP-VAR, this can be used only with old version clutch of SKD-RBN series, and Kilews have only 3pcs stocks.
After sold out the stocks, Kilews will discontinue it.

4. Please notice the price of new version KP-VAR is increase 30%.
Wish it is clear for you.
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

P.S. Your confirmation of the message by return is necessary for us, thanks for your cooperation.

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